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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Joseph “The Body” is a Physique Specialist . He is a Mens Physique Competitor, Author of the series “Upnorth” Prison Body Building, and creator of 24 day weight loss challenge DVD.

My story

Joseph Cosme fell in love with exercise by watching and copying his mom do exercise as young as 5 years old. She used exercise to alleviate her pain of her husband being in prison for selling guns. Joseph grew up with his young brother and sister in a violent home and environment. Dealing with violence in the house he ran away from home at 16 years old and got himself in a lot of trouble with law.

Following in his fathers foot steps he was facing 20 years in prison for selling drugs and indicted on attempted murder for injuring another drug dealer over money beef. This adversity forced joseph to grow up fast. Dealing with shame and guilt. Joseph look to the lord for and begged for forgiveness, and has grown and evolved into a spiritual path in mediation, exercise and healthy living.

It was being in prison where joseph coined the name the “body” where he was able to transform his physique from a 119 pound weakling into 150 pound sexy beast. Being incarcerated taught Joseph “The Body” faith ,discipline, persistence and the value of sleep, diet, supplementation and mediation. This experience has given him the recipe to help him succeed as a elite fitness trainer.

Joseph “The Body” trained his 1st client in prison and learned the art of body building and power lifting from lifers in prison. Joseph competed in power lifting, scoring an impeccable 405 pound squat on a 1 rep max at Barehill correctional facility. Joseph took these hard core principles and applied his specialized knowledge and enrolled into personal training school at the american academy of personal training to advance his expertise to become a master trainer.

After getting terminated from the school just 2 days before the final exam because of tardiness. He was determined to finish what he started. He completed his National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification at Kingsboro community college, and has since than has quietly trained celebrities. Joseph injured his spine doing crossfit while being taught from another trainer.

He herniated his disc and tore his inner thigh muscle, causing him to lose almost of his strength and muscle. Not able to barely walk and being misdiagnosed with brain tumor and peripheral Artery disease led joseph to getting frequent panick attacks. Anxiety attacks and chronic injury taught joseph to do what he loves and follow his dreams. He is enthusiastically competing in his 1st men’s physique body building competition. After 2 years of slowly rehabbing from physical therapy, and using mindfulness mediation to cure his anxiety. Joseph no longer gets numbness in his brain or legs.

Going through the trails and errors of life’s journey has taught Joseph to face life always with a positive mental attitude no matter what obstacle is your way. Joseph shares his expertise and life journey to the world to make it a better place. Joseph is married to his beautiful wife Rosa and has 2 beautiful kids Noah and Savannah, and a puppy name Charlie. He is happy to be healthy again and looks forward to helping you become your best you.

What people say about me

Joseph is an excellent trainer, who is passionately committed to clients. He is fully dedicated to to ensuring his clients get the most out of EVERY session. He has a very positive and infectious attitude. His work ethic is tremendous and he leads by example. He is a great guy in general and you definitely will benefit from your work with Joesph. Sincerely, Dr. Arshad K Rahim, MD, MBA, FACP
Arshad K Rahim, MD, MBA, FACP
Experienced Physician Executive, Population Health and Quality Improvement Expert, Proven Manager and Leade
I have been training with Joseph "The Body" for a year now and have seen miraculous results. He is very knowledgeable and up to date on all the latest exercise trends which provide the most optimal results. I've been working out for many years and have tried all different exerciese, such as Spinning, Cardio classes, Pilates reformers, Bootcamp yoga, and even Crossfit, but have found the best results from Joseph "The Body"'s workouts. I definitely recommend you work with him on your next workout plan.
Berlin Babu, MBA, CAMS
Head of COE - Wholesale Tax Compliance at Wells Fargo
Joseph "The Body" is by far the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of training, be it weight training, CrossFit, cardio, weight loss, nutrition, etc...I am personally a runner, and need to change my fitness and nutrition regiments often to meet my racing goals. Joseph has been there every step of the way helping me to reach those goals. Joseph finds the right mixture of being friendly and forceful, and he will get you through the most grueling of workouts. One hour spent with Joseph can change your entire life outlook. I cannot recommend his services enough!!!
Vincent Fedders, MBA
Sales and Marketing - Katz Media Group Founder One on One NYC
I began training with Joseph several months ago, and can honestly say that he is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. He changes the work out every session, keeping both my body and mind engaged. Joseph has a great understanding of the body and knows what I need to do to get into my best shape. He has a very positive attitude, which really helps me get motivated. While we do talk during the sessions, it never gets in the way of the work out, a problem I have had with several previous trainers. You will leave him exhausted and you will feel sore the next few days, but you will also see results. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health and appearance.
Anne Spletzer
Sr. Director of Sales - Dockers
Joseph "The Body" has immeasurably impacted my health and fitness routine for the better. He has been an outstanding source of motivation and inspiration which has strongly enhanced my body and attitude. Better than any commercial gimmick that guarantees fast results, Joseph's techniques are the real deal and you will be so impressed with what he has to offer.
Marc Isaacman
Executive Director and Founder One on One NYC
Joseph is the best personal trainer out there. He is professional yet personable. He works you hard and knows what each body type needs in order to reach the best results. I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to get back on track!
Anastasia Karikas
PR & Corporate Communications Account Executive at MSPS
Joseph is the personification of hard work and dedication. With anything that he sets his mind to - he strategizes a detailed plan and executes it. A true professional who always seeks to improve from the day before. Any client would be fortunate to be trained by Joseph.
Nicolas Chavez
Manager of Business Development at Elite Pool and Fitness Management, Inc
Joseph is a great guy and an inspiring trainer. He's always upbeat and encouraging, and makes working out fun. The time flies!
Daniel Jumpertz
Music writer at New Media News LLC (